Aug 08 2012
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Chapter 22 bug.

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I just got to chapter 22.  If I die, the game goes to the loading screen forever.  If I try to restart game and load the game, it wont load.  Only way to play again is to reload the chapter completely.  But then I die again, and it just goes to the loading screen for hours.  I've tried cleaing the disk, and I've tried reloading a previous chapter and starting from there.  But then I get to chapter 22, die, and it goes to loading screen for hours.  I have beaten the game on my old fat PS3 a few times, and this is my first time playing the same disk, on my new slim PS3.  Does anybody know a sollution?

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Re: Chapter 22 bug.

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Aug 17, 2012

Nobody got the answer these days there so many glitches and problems that people just ignore to help deal with it so I got no answer sorry.    

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