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Re: Almost all of my PSN friends still play Uncharted 2 MP, but not 3

Oct 17, 2012

EAT_BABYS_ wrote:

are the servers up yet for u2

The servers were down? Uhm, I play this game daily I think... and it was just once or twice when I got Error syncing models but I tried in 30 minutes and it seemed to connect me right on! Connecting seems a tad bit slower because I guess they have reduced the number of servers serving this game (just an assumption)


For me, I have played this game for 2 years roughly I think and its never stopped being fun. NOT a single game has ever been not fun.


At the same time, I hardly find games in uc3 that make me happy and this can't be a co-incidence. Don't tell me that I hate it cause I suck at it. No, I do average at the game and in fact, I do much better at it sometimes. But still UC2 over UC3 any time.


I hope the classic mode helps somehow but even then UC3 would be a completely different game anyway. Its a game that can never be UC2 Smiley Sad



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U2 is the best game i ever played

Nov 27, 2012
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