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Dec 30 2013
By: melodicmizery Hekseville Citizen 373 posts

little not for the devs

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every few months i see if this game is fixed and it never is, heres just some trophy info


Point, Shoot, Kill 
Kill 100 enemies with every missile during Ranked games.
Earned by 131 of 26,524 game owners


Any car will do 
Earn 50 Kills with Each Vehicle in Online Ranked Games
Earned by 108 of 26,524 game owners


Another Level 
Win 10 Ranked games in each map. Map size does not matter.
Earned by 194 of 26,524 game owners



A la Mode 
Win 10 Ranked games in each game type.
Earned by 114 of 26,524 game owners



I am Sweet Tooth 
All Trophies
Earned by 75 of 26,524 game owners





as you can see theres obviously still a problem. some people may say who cares about trophys. i do, its not so much just the trophys,  im still mad i bought a game that doesnt work and they keep getting away with not fixing games correctly. that would be like you buying a brand new car and the radio doesnt work at all and me saying hey who cares about radios. its not the buyers fault that people didnt get along at there company and left. 

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Re: little not for the devs

Dec 30, 2012

Not sure about your buddy, but try the method I outlined.  It does work.


Stats after a DC don't count.  If you ever join a room you are not hosting it will in all likeihood glitch.  You have to stat track from the point that you deleted info.


Should work.  I tried many methods, and this one worked. 

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Re: little not for the devs

Dec 30, 2012
The problem is most likely the coding on the disc. To really fix it they would have to get every player a new disc, which isn't happening.

Lol @ your comparing trophies to a new cars broken radio. That's funny.
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