Sep 24 2011
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Ok tony, its time to go back to the roots !!!

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This is my first time posting on these boards. The only forums i ever posted in was the socom forums because that is my favorite shooter of all time. However tony hawk was once my favorite game of all time. Tony hawks pro skater 4 was like the first game i ever played online and boy did i have a blast ! Countless memories of that game. However in my opinion the best tony hawk in the series by far is tony hawks underground. The first time i played that game i was amazed and the new feature of being able to get off your board was great ! The story in that game is the best out of all the tony hawks i played and the online was fun as hell to ! I spent alot of hours online on that game. In my opinion the series started going downhill after american wasteland.

The reason people loved tony hawk was obviously not because it was super realistic, we loved it because it was just flat out fun ! It was fun being able to do the impossible and no i ain't talking about the trick lol. Tony hawks online took more skill to be really really good than any other game i have played to date. If you were good at the game you know what i mean. Getting alot of points while having *style* it was so fun learning new lines as well. The point is we don't want tony hawk to be realistic if we wanted that we would play skate. We don't want a skate ripoff we want tony hawk! I personally don't even like skating in real life but i love tony hawk! Or loved i should say.

Tony hawks ride was a fail so why in the world would you come out with a sequel? Makes no sense what so ever !  I don't get why you guys aren't listening to the fans. Most of us agree the tony hawks pro skater series and the underground series is the best ! We don't want ride we don't want shred we don't want preoject 8 or proving ground. We want a pro skater 5 or a underground 3!! Go back to what made the franchise so successful in the first place and stop trying to fix what isn't broken ! Don't make the same mistakes some of these other developers have made. Don't run your own franchise into the ground by trying to make it like some other game!

I was wrong CS:GO SUCKS
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