Jul 30 2014
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Premium Edition Unavailable in Canada?

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I am asking the Ready at Dawn folks if the Premium Edition will be available for pre-order in Canada at EB Games.


I have been a loyal customer of my local EB games for several years and would prefer to order through them.  I know I could get the Premium Edition through Amazon or some other similar service but would rather keep my business locally.


Currently I can only pre-order the Collector Edition here (which I have done) but I want the Premium Edition instead.  Don’t you want my money, Ready at Dawn?


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Re: Premium Edition Unavailable in Canada?

Jul 30, 2014

That's a question more for Sony than us, since they are publishing the game. I'd reach out to them or EB Games Canada.

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Re: Premium Edition Unavailable in Canada?

Jul 31, 2014

Well, thank you for your response, sir. 


I did inquire at my local EB Games and was informed that they really don’t have much control over what products are given to them by the publishers for sale.  Perhaps, I will email the company itself to find out more.


Until then, the ball is in your court Sony.  I will repeat my question:  Any chance we in Canada will be able to purchase the Premium Edition of The Order 1886?

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