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Re: tips for last of us mp

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Mar 14, 2014

For the bow...


Since it causes a down in 2 hits (3 with armor), I wouldn't worry too much about headshots (at least in the beginning)... also, I'd recommend upgrading the bow asap.


I find that the Sharpshooter skills are almost unnecessary for the bow (in terms of sway imo) since the aim doesn't sway much in comparison with some of the other guns.


Arrows fly slightly slower than bullets, so you need to accomodate for that if you are trying to hit a moving target.


Grab whatever arrows you can find (good thing with the bow is that the arrows are reusable).


Don't hold the aim for too long... if you need to hold it for a while (like for marking), try to do it in quicker spurts, rather than 1 prolonged one (aim gets shaky and eventually you retract).

The infected as seen in TLOU Multiplayer:

Runners- Noobs
Stalkers- Covert Training 3 users
Clickers- Constant reloaders
Bloaters- People getting blown up by bombs
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Re: tips for last of us mp

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Mar 15, 2014

There is a lot I have to say concerning tips, but instead of typing an essay or making generalizations, I can talk about smoke bombs I guess.


Smoke Bombs


-          Use smoke bomb to stun someone and shoot at them or shiv them.


-          Use smoke bombs to act like a barrier when reviving someone in a danger zone.



-          If you are being chased by a scissor stick enemy, “mentally aim” and only press R1 to quickly throw a smoke bomb, move away, then shiv your pursuer. This takes practice.


-          If you know someone is coming around a corner, throw the smoke bomb at that spot and by the time they walk to corner that effect will trigger.



-          Jumping over a desk, barricade, etc. during a smoke bomb explosion will make you immune to coughing animation.


-          If you are pinned down by someone shooting at you, a smoke bomb will help.



-          If you are wounded and being chased by the entire team, throw a smoke bomb behind u (normally or R1 trick) and they might hesitate to follow you. Sneaking after your smoke bomb throw will mask you better if it’s safe to do so.


-          If you have a teammate who is coughing and the enemy is going to shiv them, quickly intercept by placing yourself in front of your teammate or shiv/shoot/scissor stick the enemy before they are successful. Only do this if it’s a guarantee you both won’t be killed.



-          Don’t have anything else to throw and don’t have the correct angle to shoot? Use a smoke bomb from letting an enemy reviving another teammate.


-          Use smoke bombs as a form of crowd control. You don’t always have to register a kill after deploying one.


-          Go into a private match by yourself and practice throwing them, studying trajectory, the R1 trick, etc.


-  Pay attention to what the enemy is holding in his hand (past/present moment) and plan accordingly. See a smoke bomb in his hand a min ago or at the moment? Take note of that.


- If for some reason, you are carrying a lot of explosives and you find the entire enemy team huddled up together, throw the smoke bomb quick to lock them all in place before spamming the molotovs/nail bombs. This is a very unique situation so take it with a grain of salt.


- Doesn't matter if your enemy is using a shotgun, flamethrower, or the enforcer, a smoke bomb is one of their greatest weakness. It totally paralyzes them

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