Oct 13 2014
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"Hold X to craft item"-message is gone in multiplayer (Remastered)

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Hey guys,


so I finally bought a PS4 together with TLOUR. I liked the remastered version, but I noticed a bug which all my friends don't have for some reason and it's driving me nuts.

Like I said in the title, I don't get this "Hold x to craft item"-message in multiplayer, even though I have all the needes supplies. It still lets me craft this way, like pressing down on the d-pad and then hold X to craft a moli. But the thing is, that I always have to press X now and see if it opens up the crafting menu or not to see if I have enough supplies which is very frustrating.


I asked two of my friends and they don't have this stupid issue. Seems to be only me, WT!


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