Dec 12 2013
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disk problem please help!!!!!

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Hi ive recently been having alot of problems with my ps3 super slim one right now is that it wont read disk ive been so woried because i love my ps3 so.much so ive open the ps3 and took off the black metal that was on top of the driver and pluged the power cable in and put in a cd and watched as i was watching one of the cords burned in half with smoke coming out and riped it in half i think it is the blue ray cord im not sure but now i need a new tray that the cord was conected to the tray on top of the hard ware driver and under the the bue ray driver (THE PART WITH THE DISK SPINER) SO I NEED the name off that part so i could replace it Pleasee help!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!
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