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Re: anyone else still having problems shivving people?

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May 12, 2014

I have a huge problem with dance shivvers coming back after the patch.  Before it was great, I'd hit them first and they wouldn't be able to shiv me by giving me the runaround.  Now that it's back this game is pissing me off more than anything.


Shivving is supposed to be a stealth tactic damnit.  Not doing a half circle street fighter triangle button masher.


Other than that, I get found out and made more since patch 1.07 when I go around stalking.  I have no idea what it is since I have covert 3 so what the **bleep** NAUGHTY DOGE??? How am I getting made?? I bet it's awareness, I bet it's because they can see a stupid nametag because that is exactly how you see people IRL.


Ugh, I might just go back to GTA Online, even though I hate that game too for it's lack of stealth.

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