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Re: Why Would Anybody Buy TLoU MP Map-Pack?

Oct 13, 2013

SANS__ wrote:

L_A_White_Boy wrote:

level 470+. 'nough said.

still getting everything.

Not enough said!

You've put an extraordinarily unhealthy amount of playing time in! How and why are you not bored :/ was level > 150 few months ago, tried to play last week almost fell asleep, done everything, played in everyway possible, and played well still bored!

DLC will nt save it for me at all. But thats my fault, not ND's! But, somehow you arent bored? Lucky. Imma play GTA w/ all my budies who also overplayed TLOU

how and why you say?

well when you are getting matched up with players that around my level it gets a little challenging which makes it fun.

then again you also have to make it challenging for yourself with the survival skills you have.

and at my level hopefully you have everything unlocked and if you do having 13 loudout points is really nice so then

you can make a loudout that you're not really sure about. Like, an unsuppressed 9mm thats your only primary

weapon and no purchaseable but if youre going to make it suppressed then have NO Covert Training 2/3. Or the Shorty as your only weapon with whatever skills you want, silent or non-silent. You just have to challenge yourself if you get bored.


And this is really the only game I play right now for being so awesome. The online portion of this game is the best online experience in any other game that I've played. Soo I'm really looking forward to the new maps with all the special attributes thats in accordance with the maps. But most of all im looking forward to the new masks/hats.


And I've been hearing that GTA is having online issues like losing story mode data. How sad. I'm sticking with TLOU where all my buddies play and I make videos of.

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Re: Why Would Anybody Buy TLoU MP Map-Pack?

Oct 14, 2013

Very interested in a new map pack and I rarely see laggy opponents maybe 10% of the time if that. I almost always wait 3 mins max for a match. You might need better internet connection. Some people just like to complain, $20 is not a lot of money to spend

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