Aug 18 2013
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Weird Glitch

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I have been playing WITHOUT the 1.02 patch on Survivor+ Difficulty

So I have 10/12 Training manuals in my statistics, but 12/12 in my inventory.

Obviously the trophy didn't pop.

Here is where it gets weird though. I go back through chapter select and see 

0/1 Training Manuals for Tommy's Dam

1/2 Training Manuals for The University

This would be no problem... except when I go back to the locations, the training manuals are not there for me to pick up.

Now here is where it gets weirder. Going back to having 10/12 TM, well, that was after I installed the patch out of curiosity, otherwise, I'd have 9/12 for some reason. 

I have since then deleted the patch and reloaded the missing locations to absolutely no avail... any suggestions?

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