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Re: Upcoming DLC details and Images/Screens

Sep 28, 2013

TimeWarnerSux wrote:

I am super stoked for this map pack partly because of the map I requested was put in this pack (Suburbs). Hopefully you can go into the houses (sniping anybody?)  Equally excited about Bus Depot, which was another well requested map.  


Did not see Hometown and especially the Bookstore coming.  Bookstore sounds like it might be a clusterf@ck and very CQC, which sucks for snipers like myself

I predicted Hometown and Suburbs. I predicted a map set in the Utah section, but it was the Hospital or Tunnel instead of the Bus Depot.


I don't think anyone saw Bookstore coming.

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Re: Upcoming DLC details and Images/Screens

Sep 29, 2013

I'm most looking forward to the Suburbs, I've been wanting that since Day 1. Hometown looks to be great as well, since I've enjoyed Downtown a lot. Bus Depot worries me as it looks a lot like checkpoint from the one photo, I was really hoping for the underpass area if anything. I too definitely didn't see Bookstore coming.


Hopefully these, or some of these, maps make an appearance in the next map pack.


  • Firefly lab
  • Subway
  • Fall Forest (the ranch house would be cool, with lots of trees to weave in and out of)
  • Sewers

P.S. Did I mention forest? I really want a forrest ND.


Forests. pls.

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