Jun 15 2013
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Three bothersome bugs/glitches that keep happening to me.

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1. Disappearing sound. This happens occasionally, and when it does the sound goes away for a few seconds many times in a row, then after a while all is fine. Until it happen again. This has happened in the menu, and both single and multiplayer.


2. Disappearing objects. Sometimes an object, for example a barrel or a can flickers and appears again. Not exactly game breaking but a glitch nontheless that takes away from the immersion.


3. Ps3 restarts itself after I quit The Last of Us. When I quit the game while in main menu, my ps3 gets stuck in the "please wait..." window and then beeps three times and restarts. This doesn't happen every time, has happened twice and on both times I had been playing for many hours. This caused no problems, but I'm still worried it might be a sing of something worse.


A fix, or any help at all is appreciated.

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