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Re: These Last Of Us Mutiplayer cheating issue

Mar 23, 2014

mazzzer wrote:
We'll I've just played a game of survival and there was a cheat in there he was invisible and for all 4 rounds he just came upto all 4 of the team and beat us up but nobody could see him and no name came up as to who had killed you I don't no why these people bother buying the game if that's all they can do

This is due to poor connections usually.


Several times I came across a player that had no bars whatsoever, and eventually he turned invisible for me and everyone else. But my friend didn't want to stay in the lobby because of the obvious reason. But, as soon as the laggy player got kicked out, everyone was visible for everyone.


I know, very annoying issue to deal with. My advice is to wait it out or just go back to the lobby and start up a new search.

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Re: These Last Of Us Mutiplayer cheating issue

May 20, 2014

Came across the first legit hack that i have seen (not due to lag)  Wish I had video evidence, but I have been playing this game long enough to know. 


Dude had the Spectre and Armor within 30 seconds of the starting match, also seems like a money hack cause he had unlimited ammo

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Re: These Last Of Us Mutiplayer cheating issue

May 21, 2014
Just spray them with water.
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