Jul 25 2013
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The last of us loading screen glitch !

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Anyone else having a similar problem ?

I played through the whole game, then decided to start a new game plus. Decided to equip the naughty dog T shirt that I recieved free with my preorder and the game went to load screen of course to load the shirt. Game did not load all the way and ever since then my game has been loading forever ! Stuck around 98.34 percent and won't move !
The only way I can play at all is if I start a new game every time I want to play because only then the game allows me off the load screen.

The game might have been too much for my ps3 and the heat overheated the disc because I do notice that the face of the disc looks sort of wavy in when I put it in light.
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Re: The last of us loading screen glitch !

Jul 25, 2013

i have recently got that glitch myself i went on a vacation and when i came back my new game plus (hotel lobby) wouldn't load it stops at any random percentage and does not load anymore i have cleaned my disc many time and it still does not work i tried other chapters but still no dice         if you would also like to play sometime add me                        chiuaua_warior14

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