Oct 22 2013
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The Last of Us Multiplayer Banning System & FAQ

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Thank you for all the support and hours logged playing The Last of Us Multiplayer. In patch 1.05 we added a new community feature that will help crack down on any cheating or unsavory, funny business that’s being conducted in The Last of Us Multiplayer.  


We now have the capability to ban players who are found to be exploiting and/or cheating the game or other players. To enact bans, we need concrete proof that an illicit action is taking place, and that is where you, our awesome community, must step up to help. When reporting someone who you believe to be cheating or exploiting the game we need you to record a brief video clip; this can be done via smartphone, camcorder, or Playstation Eye. The video must pass the following criteria:


  • Clear and steady shot for at least 15 seconds
  • Must NOT be publically viewable – send direct or non-public links only
  • The cheating described in the report is easily identifiable and recognizable.
  • Video is captured in the following formats: (M2V, MOV, MP4, etc)
  • Must be uploaded to an accessible website (Youtube, Mediafire, Sendspace, etc)

Once you have the video please send a message describing the incident in detail, plus a link to your video, to TLOUPlayerReport and we will investigate the report. Due to the large volume of messages it’s unlikely we will be able to reply to everyone, but we will review every inquiry we receive.




Q: I sent in a report last month, but I just ran into the same player again! They weren’t cheating this time, but shouldn’t they be banned anyway?


A: One of the issues with excessively punitive punishments is that it doesn’t always correct or curtail the behavior. We are implementing a sliding scale of responses, based on the severity of the act, so that the “punishment fits the crime.” There will also be a permanent record for every reported player, whether they are punished or not, so we can examine a history of reported incidents to help us track player behavior.


Q: What took you so long? Why didn’t you have a reporting system 3 months ago?


A: Our apologies on the delay. It’s definitely something we had talked about internally, as far back as last year, but we had to prioritize finishing The Last of Us, and then continue working after launch to develop the tools necessary to support this initiative. The Last of Us Multiplayer will continue to receive our highest level of support for a long time to come, so it is very important we work together on this to keep our community solid and honest.


Q: Hey! Uncharted 2 and 3 had a cinema mode, which made reporting much easier. Why doesn’t The Last of Us have a cinema mode?


A: Putting a cinema mode into the existing multiplayer backend of The Last of Us presented some significant technical issues. Balancing the resources available we found that we needed to exclude cinema mode from the final game in order to have the game you play today.


If you see something uncool remember to record a video, upload to a video sharing site PRIVATELY, and then send a message – with full details of the offense – to TLOUPlayerReport


We’ll be on the lookout online, in the forums, and during our play sessions but we thank you for your help and support with this. 

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