Jan 15 2014
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The Last Of Us scenes turning black glitch

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Okay, so I saw some posts about this and..You know. You can put this wherever you want. But I just wanted to create a new one because as far as I know, and as far as I read..THERE'S NO SOLUTION!! Ugh..Anyways. So lets rewind like..Two weeks ago when I beat The Last Of Us for the first time. Joel went into the elevator with Ellie in his arms, the elevator stopped at P2, and then..Blackness. Lasted like that for awhile. SO..I tried to turn off my PS3 via the controller. Didn't work. It quit the game, but..The PS3 was still on the black screen. So I had to unplug my PS3 and plug it back in to get it working.

So I idly looked at some of the forums, and saw people go through the same thing..But most people went through them when they met Bill. So I guess I was lucky. So like..I started a new game two days ago, and oh my god..I got to Bills town, where he rescued Joel from becoming clicker food, and as soon as I went through the door that leads to the first cutscene, it was the same problem all over again.


I asked a guy at Gamestop, and he said "Yeah, just take your disc out and put it back in again". Thanks, buddy. And I'll have you know that my PS3 is new. I just got it in September.

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Re: The Last Of Us scenes turning black glitch

Jan 16, 2014

Try to do the usual stuff like checking the disc for scratches and dirt. Try another copy of the game. Try to re-install the game and the update.


Can't give more advice than that I'm afraid.

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