Jul 02 2013
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The Last Of Us multilayer Question???

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I don't get it. Dose this happen to any one else? I got to play 4 very good games where I could kill them and they could as always kill me. Then the next 5 games nothing can't even get to or more player's burnt or blown up or even shot for that matter and in two of the games I got no kills at all.. In the for games when I opened the box's from the very first box I got all kinds of items jest like the game used to do. And also my guns worked great very good for that matter. After the 4 games played I started the next game and my very first box I opened had 1 item nothing else the next box had 3 items then I died 4 times then the next box hand 2 items and again nothing else and the game played on like this and most of my games play like this giving me nothing to even work with. Dose this happen to any one else??? So In my first 4 games I went from 8 or more survivors to 42. After that I went from the 42 to 4 survivors dose every one's game go so up and down like this I can't get the number of survivors past 46 at all? When I do get close to getting some where I wind up being switched to a game that's not workable in my favor by any means and in most cases I can't kill any one when this happens. And then I have the inability to get stuff from the boxes off and on?? It makes trying to do any mission where you have to get items almost impossible. Jest like when I got the game and even a few days ago my guns like to show that there all  locked off and on and I can't us them but the free one. UPDATE to this. After all this I played the single player game for a bit then I went back to the multilayer and had another very good game then two that I could not get any where. This is such a pain Y don't this game work..And to top this I get a survival game to work today what happens    ''ERROR''     and I'm booted completely out of the game!!!!

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