Aug 18 2013
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The Last Of Us - clipping bug

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There's a video of this bug on vimeo:


After Ellie kills the bad guy by stabbing him three times, there's a fade to black and the scene changes to Joel.

I hear bells ringing in the distance, but instead of gaining control over Joel, the character falls through the floor, is in free-fall for a second or two and then cashes to death on an invisible boundary. While in free-fall, I can see I'm below a snowy, hilly area with trees, being able to see through the culled/one sided 3D geometry.


Restarting the level does not help. Starting a new game from an earlier position does not help. I just played the whole section with Joel waking up in the basement without Ellie to where Ellie kills the boss bad guy, and I'm still falling through the floor right after.


How do I fix this?


My PS3 slim is unmodified, bought in the Netherlands, 120GB, 34GB free. System language set to English. Last Of Us bought as digital download, game localization set to Dutch. All software updates installed, current system software version 4.46.

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