Jul 28 2013
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The Last Of Us Hidden Trophy That's All I Got GLITCH

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I completed all five of Ellie's joke opportunities but was not rewarded the trophy... At least not officially. When I chack my trophies in the trophy menu it's not there, no credit. However, when I go to my friends list and open myself I see that it is pictured on my last 6ix trophies earned over all. I hope I stated that clear enough. I have never had this happen before and I am puzzled. So that's what's up. Let me know.

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Re: The Last Of Us Hidden Trophy That's All I Got GLITCH

Jul 28, 2013

I checked your PSN profile. It shows that you haven't earned the trophy yet. You're probably mistaking the trophy icon for some other trophy.You can go back and get the jokes through chapter select I think. The five locations for Ellie's jokes are:


Pittsburgh "Alone and Forsaken"
Clear the area of enemies before climbing over the bus. Now wait in front of the bus until Ellie gets her Joke Book.


Pittsburgh "Alone and Forsaken"
Kill all enemies in the bookstore and stand around for a while.


Pittsburgh"Alone and Forsaken"
Turn around when reaching the flooded street. Look for a poster of a model behind a window. Look at it and talk to Ellie. Now keep waiting in this area until Ellie stops walking.


Pittsburgh "Hotel Lobby"
After entering the Hotel, you need to climb up a ladder. Get the artifact in this area and then open the safe downstairs. Go back up the ladder and Ellie will start telling you more jokes.


The Suburbs "Suburbs"
When reaching the suburbs, check out the broken house on the right. Wait in the kitchen and listen to the dialogue. Go to the other side of the street and look at the "I'm Armed" writing. Now go to the ice cream truck. Keep going down the street and check out the red symbol on a wall. Wait at this spot until Ellie tells her last few jokes.

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