Jul 23 2013
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The Hunt Glitch - Corrupted Save

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Was 81% through TLOF when Elli is trying to pull the group away from Joel's recovery house after the Hunt sequence.  When Elli mounts the horse all kinds of crazy glitching kicked off!!! flying horse's, falling emery's from the sky, etc.  Usually I'd find this entertaining, but it's seemed to have corrupted my save file, which can't be loaded anymore (hangs at around 95.55%).


I've tried restarting 'The Hunt' chapter as a new save file (with autosave switched off), but the exact same glitch happened again, and the save file was again corrupted!


Any thoughts on a Patch/update to get this corrected?  I guess I need to start from scratch again, which given the excellence of the game isn't a hardship; but this has definitely felt like a swift kick in the knackers!!!!  Smiley Mad

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