Jun 16 2014
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Strange, game-breaking glitch

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Okay, so I'm incredibly late on picking up The Last of Us, and I regret not grabbing it when it first came out. I wanted to do a Let's Play of it and everything, but, well, stuff happened. But I've got it now and it's every bit as awesome as everyone said it was...up to a certain point.


First off, let me tell you that things started out poorly. After the 1.07 patch, the game wouldn't load, so I had to reinstall it. Worked fine after that. But now I'm stuck due to a glitch. I'm at 19% completion, 1 hour and 49 minutes into the game, in the Downtown area. I go into the building and everything's fine, up to the point where Joel and Tess barge through the door and the first Clicker attacks. When the cutscene starts, completely static models of Joel and Tess clip right through the door, then the Clicker comes charging in looking like someting out of South Park. So Joel, Tess and the Clicker are just standing there, the audio is playing fine, the command prompt to fend off the Clicker pops up, and the sound and muzzle flash when the Clicker is shot is still there. The Clicker's head even bursts into chunks(well, not really, chunks and blood fly out, but the head is still completely intact), then the Clicker falls over like a Gary's Mod model, and Joel and Tess' models unfreeze when he gameplay starts back up. It was hilarious the first time it happened, and I'm mad at myself for not recording it.


After that, everything's just fine...except the audio for the character voices has cut out. When Joel goes to open the door and can't, he waves Tess over and he's *supposed* to say "Gimme a hand with this". He doesn't. Even the subtitle is gone. I believe that's where the glitch takes hold. All the other audio is just fine. So I search the area, get what little supplies are laying around, and I go into the room where I'm supposed to boost Tess up over the high wall(yellow tape everywhere, dead body hanging from broken railing). Tess is shining her light where the Triangle command promp for the boost pops up, but when I go over to it, the prompt suddenly disappears and I can't do anything. And when I try to reload the game, it just freezes. When I try to quit the game, the PS3 crashes. And when I try to start the game up again, it's fine until I try to load the save file, then it freezes again and crashes when I try to quit. The only time it works is when I select a chapter to start from instead of loading the save directly, but the same glitch pops up in the same place and I find myself stuck in the same boat again.


So, as of now, I can't get any further than 19% of the game, less than two hours in. My PS3, a 160GB slim model, works just fine and isn't overheating at all, and the disc doesn't have a single scratch on it. I've searched all over the net, but no one seems ot be having this problem. Judging from what I've seen, this is NOT the autosave bug that plagued so many not too long ago; the game saves just fine, it's loading it back up that's the problem. Plus, no one ever said the autosave bug completely ruins your game.


Anyone got any tips and/or fixes for this? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Strange, game-breaking glitch

Jul 1, 2014
Did you try dumping the game data and then starting over? Game data not your save. (Although I recommend dumping that and starting anew as well.)
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Re: Strange, game-breaking glitch

Jul 1, 2014

theres a few of us experienceing a few different things, I registered the same custcene symptoms you have (albeit, further ahead in the game)  followed by complete sections of levels not loading and not being able to progress.


as far as I can tell, ND has yet to address any of these issues - heres hoping they do because until such a thing happens, I'm not likely to be buying the remaster on ps4 or any of their future titles

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