Jun 27 2013
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Some Bugs and suggestions.

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before I get started excuse my bad English. I just want to let you know some bugs in the MP which are more or less pretty annoying. Don't get me wrong, aint crying or anything, I just want the MP to be perfect. It kept me busy all and every evening, after I beat the SP the first time. The MP mechanics are great, and super motivating, that's why I would love them to be even better.


#1 - Thirdperson Cam Bug

When the first round of a match begins, the thirdperson cam sometimes freezes where the team is spawning. Saw my own character walking out of the screen, the cam didn't follow him. Only death/respawn solves this problem. I had this one 3 times in 2 weeks.


#2 - Disappearing Molotov

When you throw a Molotov at someone, and get killed while the bottle is still flying (not talking about getting knocked out), it just disappears.


#3 - Modified melee weapon Bug

Modified melee weapons which knock out the enemy by just one hit are often not working properly too. On stairways or similar, the enemy is just 2 steps away (one player is standing a little higher than the other), your modified melee weapons tend to miss their targets, or simply deal no damage..... But you can clearly see you hit the opponent. Similar phenomena and problems if you are attacking around corners. Like 3/4 of the opponent is sticking out of the corner, and you use your modified melee weapon, but again it doesn't hit/deal any damage.


#4 - Another melee issue (This is no actually bug, but it happens often)

Sometimes when you knock out your opponent his teammate tries to revive him, you are out of ammo but you got a peace of wood (not modified) and try to attack (not execute) the player who is reviving his teammate it often happened to me that it sorta automatically attacks the guy who is already in the knocked out, and not his teammate (if both opponents are directly in front of my playermodel). Would be better if as soon as you press the square button it attacks the healthy player, not the knocked out one... If they are really close to each other. some sort of little autoaim i mean.


#5 & #6 - Two suggestions

5. Sometimes the host of the game gets disconnected via the loss of internet, or she/he just leaves the game (sometimes your own ISP fails and you lose the connection for a moment). Everytime players get involved and kicked out of the actual lobby it "properly" ruins their actual mission. 100% casualities of your own clan can be the result. As long as players don't manually leave the running game via the menu, and get disconnected from the game for whatever reason then it should reset the day and not just skip it. Would be fair.


6. Players should obtain resources from killed opponents directly, had a few rounds where I have not been able to collect all the resources. You already obtain resources when you craft items, mark enemies, and so on... Why need to take them from dead enemies? In my opinion it would be more userfriendly if you obtain them directly after the execution/kill.


Looking forward for future updates/patches, and I hope some of this gets fixed or changed!

Keep up the good work NaughtyDog <3


Greetings from Nebujin383

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