Sep 20 2013
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Shiv only gameplay/challenge

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Hey guys, for this gameplay its shivs only. I did not use bombs, moltovs, armour, guns or any kind of melee except for shivs. Hope you guys enjoy.

Feel free to try it out. Its quite fun Smiley Happy Leave your thoughts and sub if you like Smiley Happy


Loadout: Revovler, Covert training level ONE ONLY.

Rules: No guns, bombs/moltovs/armour, melee (nailboards/machete). Punches are only allowed if all supply boxes are gone from mini-map and you dont have any shivs left.

Mode: supply raid just because its easier to have shivs and plus you dont spawn each time and have your shivs reset.

Party: I played with one other person just because I dont like full party of randoms. Playing in a full party will make this less challenging. Its your choice, doesnt really matter.

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Re: Shiv only gameplay/challenge

Sep 20, 2013

I tried this, but did a few changes.

Since I don't like Supply Raid, I did the challenge on Survivors instead. and changed the loadout.




Covert 1


Crafter 1

Marathon Runner 2


Since I have to search at least three supply boxes on Survivors to make another Shiv, I used Crafter and Marathon Runner to make up for all the lost time. FAT is just a necessity for me, because I will get shot at a lot, especially witch Covert being only level 1. On the other hand, I didn't use melee at all. Even if I didn't have a Shiv and all supply boxes were empty. I'd just get myself killed, or hide and run away from enemy to annoy them, or lead them into my team and their traps.

9mm is there for greater justice. Smiley Happy


First try:


To start of with my usual bad luck two guys from enemy team have flamethrowers, one has a shotgun and they all camp near their spawn. I somehow managed to sneak up on them and get at least one kill every round. I got promptly killed, but the confusion was often used by the rest of my team to spam them with Molotovs and such. I ended up third with 6-6-6 score for the glory of Satan. Smiley Very Happy


Second try:


Another bunch of campers. The hell?

This time, I had to run away from enemies a lot more, but it all worked somehow. In one round, their whole team got bottled up in the room above the crashed truck. I managed to climb there from the window and Shiv three, THREE of them, before I got killed by the fourth guy. They were pretty close together, so I wonder if they were afk, or what, but it really felt like playing the single player. Smiley Very Happy

5-5-6...yeah apart from that one lucky part, it didn't go that well.


Third try:

High School. Oh boy, oh boy. >Smiley Happy

This map is epic for stealth and this time, the enemy team didn't camp, nor cooperate at all, so it was rather easy to flank them and find a lone sheep.

9-9-4. Hell yeah!


Back to burning people to a crisp with flamethrower then. ^^

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Re: Shiv only gameplay/challenge

Sep 20, 2013

I tried this but eventually you reach a point in the match where you can't shiv anymore until you die, it's really fun to play like that tho, I usually combine a machete to this playlist and a Jason mask. - Come by my channel to experience some of the best LoU vids, including sick plays, tutorials, commentaries and general entertaining quality content.
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Re: Shiv only gameplay/challenge

Sep 21, 2013
Glad it was fun! It took me a game as well to get used to it. For example, in my first game i would crouch walk but I realized since I dont have covert 2, I may as well jog.

@iBio - I actually have a machete challenge in my mind which I shall do later Smiley Happy

My youtube: - Last of us tips, and gameplay with commentary.
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