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Re: Shiv Dance Again

Jan 27, 2014

jchou many threads have been written over triangle priority however ND has not acknowledged it.


"Are you ever going to prioritize triangle functions? If an enemy is near a supply box I am trying to shiv not open a box. If I throw a smoke bomb at an opponent I’m trying to shiv not pick up my downed teammate etc." - INCANGENERAL


"We’re looking into smoothing out priority selection on the actions that disrupt game flow but we don’t have any plans to re-map buttons. The actions are contextual to your location."- Naughty Dog

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Re: Shiv Dance Again

Jan 31, 2014

Bizzerker_Bauer wrote:
@Ji: There have been a bunch of threads abiut how it needs to be fixed, but I think all they did was acknowledge that it was a problem and that they had no plans to fix it.

I figured they wouldn't.  To be honest, I doubt they'll fix a whole number of strange issues with this MP game. 

When I put that last post, I was semi-joking.  It did happen and all, but I wasn't totally upset by that one incident.  The cranky headset guy made me laugh.


However, it did happen an annoying amount of times after that which really f***ed me off.  One time, it happened at a very integral part of an interrogation match where I could've helped the team win, only to open up a toolbox rather than shiv a guy.  We ended up losing because of the annoying triangle priority.

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Re: Shiv Dance Again

Feb 2, 2014

shiv dance is for noobs with no skill. enough said. i have not played in a month, ive moved on to ps4, a new king has arisen,  a new generation shall not pass until my word is spread as wildfire. Repent, the Kingdom of Longbow is at hand.

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