Jul 02 2013
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Several MP problems I have experienced with The Last Of Us

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When I send an invite a friend to play some multiplayer together he joins my match and then instantly leaves but on his screen it says he was unable to join the match and then another message comes up and says he was kicked from the match, the same thing has happened to me whenever I try to join him, or other people, also nearly every match there is a problem where I will have been killed by the other team but on my screen I will not have died, and typically wont die for another 30-60 seconds, and then will drop dead randomly, or I will die but my screen will be stuck on my dead body and I will not be able to respawn, the number of reinforcements will be stuck for both teams but I can hear people still running around the map and fighting while I am currently stuck on my dead body, also I occasionally kill people and am unable to see or pick up any ammo or rations on their bodies, these such glitches happen almost every match and make it almost impossible to play the multiplayer portion of the last of us, and is not constrained to just myself but many others whom I have asked if they have had these problems.

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