Jan 14 2014
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Save file corrupted, then I lost the ability to reload later chapters. Help Please!

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I guess the Left Behind teaser hit me right in the nostalgia (for a game less than a year old, I know), so I decided to replay TLOU (jumping straight to Winter, in case anyone's wondering) yesterday. I tried going back today, only to find that the save was corrupted. Okay, guess I was a bit hasty in turning my PS3 off, but that save is now deleted. I tried to load up my second save and try to get it back up to 100% completion (replaying all missions in Survivor, starting from the last Chapter). I got back to the start of Winter (by finishing Autumn), only to find that all other chapters after that point had been deleted from the "CHAPTERS" screen.

I looked back up the list to the other chapters. Although the collectibles remained (e.g. 12/12 artifacts, 3/3 Firefly Pendants, etc.), none of the checkpoints had any indicator of what difficulty I'd completed them on (i.e. Normal/ Survivor).

I still have 141 Collectibles registered in the options menu and my profile still tells me I finished the game on Survivor.

I've also lost the ability to "Continue New Game Plus" although my save file clearly states it is a New Game Plus save.

Help please! Smiley Sad

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Re: Save file corrupted, then I lost the ability to reload later chapters. Help Please!

Jan 15, 2014

I've used a few data recovery tools to restore the files on my USB. However, the PS3 thinks they're corrupt.

I later learned that this is because those save files are encrypted. Okay then.

I now have the encrypted saves restored in various places on my PC and I was wondering if anyone could guide me from here.



Each of the files is missing its first letter, e.g. "_ARAM.PFD".

I assume this is because they're encrypted?

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