Jul 26 2013
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Save Glitch; Not Autosave Issue but Related

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About a week ago I popped in TLOU to try and beat it after taking a break but when I got into the game I found that I had the stupid autosave glitch where the game never autosaves.  After playing for about two hours I decided to give up and hard reset my PS3.


I went to play TLOU today and I found that my same file had placed me from the Firefly lab back to the very beginning of the game in the Prologue.  Basically from the end of the game back to the beginning.  I am not sure what happened but I still have all of the stuff I found and made.


Has anyone else had this happen and if so is there a way to correct it?  Or am I stuck playing through the game again albeit in faux new game+ mode?

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