Oct 16 2013
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Please considering lowering 9mm ammo cost

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I might be the only player who prefers 9mm over revolver on all my builds.

But my main build is 9mm, Machete, Sharpshooter 2, Brawler 2, First aid 1.

I do fine in average public games. But once i join a game with decent competition... I either need the ammo reduction buff. Or spend a ton of parts to keep my gun loaded.

The 9mm can be used as a primary weapon but is truly only effective with lots of ammo.

Currently it costs 30 parts per round, even a slight reduction to 25 per would be enough to add that extra clip to keep the weapon effective.

Given its the lowest damage output in the game, its damage to ammo ratio is far worse then the other primary weapons. (When considering downing an opponent and finishing without special execution).

Any thoughts??? Im sure this has been discussed but i never seen a thread about it.

Surely i cant be the only 9mm user who is plagued with the sound of an empty gun.

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Re: Please considering lowering 9mm ammo cost

Oct 16, 2013

I think the 9mm should be nerfed too quick to shoot!! It is a CHEESY, OP cause of the firerate...............OF course im being facetious. By all means ND lower the price of ammo a bit, i'm with it.

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