May 11 2014
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Playing no parties Suppy Raid

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One thing I've noticed since the patch, whether it is just coincidence or not, is that the levels of player I am facing are more akin to my own.

For example, I'm level 88 and I'm now facing 2 x 100 - 150 and the rest are between 60 and 95.


It has been like this for a couple of days and long may it continue.

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Re: Playing no parties Suppy Raid

May 11, 2014

i just came out of a no parties supply raid with:

me lvl 153

lvl 130

lvl 11

(Idk this guy ragequit)





lvl 67

lvl 6

lvl 2

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Re: Playing no parties Suppy Raid

May 11, 2014

^ I was the fourth guy who RQ on your team.


Anyways, I like No Parties, there are some decent players. I usually see level 300+ too.

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