Nov 30 2014
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PS4 Technical Problem - Treacherous Territories Maps doesn't work.

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Hello Everyone,


Recently I couldn't play the Treacherous Territories maps for some reason. I couldn't find the problem so I deleted the whole game from PS4 library and installed it again, hoping to fix it. When I finished installing the system automaticaly downloaded the latest patch but I still can't play the maps Financial Plaza and Beach.


If I try to open a private match with these maps, the system takes me to PSN Store for the item "Treacherous Territories Map Pack", but there it says "Installed" so I can't download it again. I have tried multiple accounts, multiple sessions of deleting the game, deleting the profile and saved games as well but nah, still the same problem. Other maps works fine.

I love this game a lot, especially the MP part of it, but this makes the fun less enjoyable. Anyone here had the same issue? Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


PS: Sorry for posting here but the forum didn't let me to post it on PS4 Technical area.


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