Mar 03 2014
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PS3 Install Error 14% 80029564

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Hello guys, I have been having an issue with my PS3 for the past month or so. The issue is that I cannot (and i mean CANNOT) download anything from the playstation store or install software patches for video games. Everytime i attempt to, the game/patch downloads successfully and then the installation fails at 14% everytime giving me the error code 80029564. I have done my research on this error and have tried all suggested solutions including not downloading in background, rebuilding database, reseting PS3 to factory default, and even tried disabling media server to download on a wired connection. I'm starting to wonder whether its actually my internet or is it just a hardware issue. Could It just be a dying harddrive?

P.S. I spoke with Sony and I rebuilt the database this morning. I was able to successfully install a COD Ghosts software patch with no issues, but when i try to install a game, it always fails at 14% installation?

Any suggestions? :/ (I really wanted to play Remember Me) -.-

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