Oct 19 2013
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PS3 Freezing with new DLC

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Taking this from the Multiplayer forum and officially posting about it here hoping that someone from ND looks into it. I am experiencing PS3 freeze, hang and crash issues when playing the DLC maps that I recently purchased. I thought it was a one off thing but over the past 2 days every 3rd game I played ended up with me having to hard reset my PS3 and I just do not like the fact that the game is messing with my hardware.


I have since then deleted my game data and played for the entire day today WITHOUT downloading/installing the DLC or playing the DLC maps. I then thought that it probably was the Game data and redownloaded my DLC and installed it. Fired up the DLC mode and the very first game I played gave me a crash. This is very random. Sometimes its right in the beginning of a game and sometimes right when I'm beginning to have fun. Example of the crash in the thread below:


Please look into this and hope you'll come up with a fix. The DLC has been fun to play on whenever it did play and I really want to continue supporting you and your games ND but I really hope you look into serious concerns like this.



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