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Re: PLEASE SUPPORT! Remove 2x4 from Survivors!!

Feb 22, 2014

Survivor was a lot more fun without the stick. Also @neverbelow incentive to move?!?!?!?!? what are you talking! Everyone and their momma tried getting to the middle box, even without the stick.


Now their aren't even any suprises for us. We just roll 1-2 dudes, run to the box (if we haven't already) and all be stickied.


Before at least we'd run into that good guy who would molotovs/bombs one. shoots down another. Then shoot and Machete the last two. 


Now that's impossible since you'll have 2-4 dudes running towards him with sticks, then with the majority running brawler two. Its overkill.


Bring the Carlton to TLOU

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