Jan 09 2014
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No Supply Boxes/Perks Mode

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Surely this has been talked about before:

Basically a hardcore mode, no supply boxes nor perks in the match, just straight up gun and fist action. I think this would greatly enforce teamwork to get the upper hand. Oh, and no gun upgrades or armor either.

This doesn't have to be a standalone mode, it can be an handicap option when picking what game mode to play.

There probably is a thread on this already but it's 2014, ain't nobody got time to use the search function! A mod can feel free to merge this thread with an existing one.

Anywho, thoughts? (Sorry if there are any mis-spellings, that 2nd Gen cracked iPod struggle is truly real.)
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Re: No Supply Boxes/Perks Mode

Jan 9, 2014

seems like there will be very little variety.


I can just imagine the camping and teamstacking that would go on...

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