Mar 05 2014
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New game mode idea - Twisted take on Plunder

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So in Uncharted you lug a heavy treasure across the map and put in the chest to score points. My idea for a new game mode for is just like it but much more twisted and in the vein of The Last of Us.


The game is played in 4 rounds. When the game starts, there are 4 downed teammates spread across the map (4 computer controlled guys/ still have your basic 4 on 4) that you have to revive. You don't know where they are but if you use listen mode, it will  help determine where they are by their cries for help.  While you are trying to save/revive your fallen clan, the enemy's job is to try and drag them back to their base camp. Fireflys lock them up in prison. Hunters drag them back to eat them. (Hey times are tough). Would be really cool if while you are dragging a guy, you leave behind a massive blood trail. 1 guy dragging them is slow going. But if 2 guys chip in to drag at the same time, it's much faster and would help you get them through windows/over walls etc.... When you drag a guy you are exposed and can't shoot back. You have to play that critical balance of saving your downed mates or rushing to their aid so the enemy doesn't lock them up/eat them. At the end of each round, you switch sides. The team with the most bodies dragged back to their base camp wins.


Now, I see the "revives" on this much more like Interrogation mode like unlocking the safe. It's done in phases...I'm not talking about reviving a guy within 30's going to take about 2 minutes of uninterrupted time to revive. As time is winding down in the match, it speeds up making it easier. Once a computer AI guy is revived, the enemy can no longer drag them back to their base camp.


OR......if the enemy team does drag them back to their base, maybe you can storm the castle so to speak, and release or free the prisoners to take away points. I'm cool with either mode.


I see many cool things that could come out of a game like this. You would get supplies/parts for reviving/healing a guy. Supplies/parts for dragging people a certain distance, for locking them up, defending your prisoners, etc.. The only downfall is all of the rage quitters who are getting their butts kicked and leave the game as crybabies after 2 rounds. But if you remember, The Last of Us doesn't count wins/losses. They only count there is no reason to leave a game unless there are hackers/cheats (Invisible enemies, people stuck in safes, guys laying 90 bombs like it's Easter sunday)


What do you think? Ideas? Improvements? Come on Naughty Dog...make this happen!!!


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Re: New game mode idea - Twisted take on Plunder

Mar 5, 2014
When you first said this, I thought you meant it would be like this
Game starts like survivors. You get boxes, etc. Then it moves on into an interrogation feel. When you down an enemy, you should not execute them, as you need to drag them back to the enemies base. The bleedout time is the same in survivors. You need to drag an enemy back to the base 3 times for the round win. This is a best out of 3 mode. It gives the survivors feel as you dont want to get downed quickly and interrogation feel to defend your prison so no allies get dragged back.

I dont like how its computer controlled downed teamates.
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Re: New game mode idea - Twisted take on Plunder

Mar 11, 2014

Well, that's why I'm looking for input. Either way, i think it would be one hell of a game mode. It could either be AI to keep the 4 on 4 balance or it could be half Survivor/half Interrogation. If you go that route, the first player on your team that is downed, is the guy they have to drag back to their base or the guy you have to save. The only downfall to that is if you are the guy that is downed, you won't be collecting parts but I guess that makes it important you aren't the one that goes down first.


After additional thought, maybe 4 rounds wouldn't be a good idea for all the guys who quit mid-match...2 rounds should suffice.


Looking for ideas on how to make this work/suggestions. Thanks!



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