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Re: New Mod/hack on multiplayer?

Dec 1, 2013

CaptinsLog wrote:
My team mates and I have witnessed first hand team moding and have over herd conversations in the lobby about how to HACK the game. During these online encounters theres been matches that have their hole team that’s been moded and matches that have 1 or 2 players with mods. List of in game multi player hacks we’ve encountered: 1. Running speed at a constant times 2. Explanation = there moving faster than anyone and all the time not just a run sprint. Also when there doing this the radar map in the top left is messed up because there moving so fast it dose not look the same as if you were sprinting it’s a very noticeably deference. 2. Re-spawning instantly after death. Explanation = As soon as you killed anyone from there team you turn around 2 seconds later and theirs the same person you just killed. Or their hole team in the same room we just killed them in pwn-ing our hole team seconds right after you killed them. 3. Extra health Explanation = Not as bad as the god mode videos on you tube. But these players take 2 X 3 times more damage than any other regular player to go down. Clearly they have been doing this for awhile because its reflected in there stats that were all ranging from 302 - 389 for there hole team. After one of the match they were barging about how to get these hacks. These encounters are becoming more frequent. We have only noticed this going on during the new DLC maps.

You witnessed what it feels like to play with a bunch of Brazillians. Welcome to the party

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