Jun 15 2013
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Multiplayer Issues and "exploits"

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First off, I would like to say that I really enjoy the multiplayer. It's a fresh "new" take on the shooter genre, it kinda reminds me of my old Socom days. Anyway back to my main point, I've been having some issues regarding multiplayer, these are:


  • If everyone leaves (rage quits/DC's) and you are the last one left, you also automatically get "kicked".
    This results in losing any points you get for that match, and if I'm not mistaken, "leavers" get a penalty for quitting.
    I noticed that only after this occurrence that my faction started to get sick/hungry. Before people rage quitted on me this
    never happened. It also sucks that I lost people just because others left the game in progress.
  • Challenges are difficult considering that you get thrown into on going games. I'm not quite sure how this works yet
    but to my knowledge you basically lose 1 of your 3 days in which you can complete a challenge. Either that or it skips
    that "half match".
  • Protecting/getting enough resources for your faction is made even more difficult when "late joining" a game. I do not know how many times I've joined a game in progress that basically was an insta win/loss. I basically join the game, run around for 1 minute (if I'm lucky) and the game ends. Why is this an issue? Well for starters it's really unfair considering that I need to keep up a supply rate per game and then be given an insta loss without being able to gather this resource. To me joining a game that is already in progress should not be a part of this MP, just because of the systems/mechanics in this game. I lost a lot of faction members because of late game joins, I understand that if I play bad and then lose members, to me that's fine. But losing those members just because I was forced to join a game that is about to finish is really unfair.
    I never understood late game joins, and I've always hated them. It's not right to force people in those situations just because some other person decided to quit.
  • I see some issues with the leaderboards, either people are stat padding or the numbers are being manipulated somehow. Or they are displaying the wrong numbers, 300000 supply per minute sounds illogical to me. 
  • Spawning on certain maps such as the Dam can be frustrating, since there is a higher chance of spawning next to an enemy. This issue happens more on this map.


  • Some items such as bombs can be made without having the necessary amount of prerequisites.
  • I'm not quite sure if it's possible still on the PS3, but back in the day (socom & PS2) people used to be able to "cord pull" which is basically turning your internet on/off in order to get the upper hand on your opponent (a.k.a LAG switch). I've met a few people in game who are either using dail up or are cheating using this method. There is no in game mechanic to report players. Some people move fine around the map, and when they engage in a fight, all of a sudden they start lagging. Sounds fishy to me, but then again it might just be my Socom nightmares that still haunt me to this day =P


Overall this game is great, I loved the story mode and finished playing it on Hard. (Although I am going to have to replay 40% because of some Save game bug that I did not know about). Keep up the good work, kudos to you guys there at Naughty Dog.

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Re: Multiplayer Issues and "exploits"

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