Feb 17 2014
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Moving forward

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 Be for warned this will be a long post, but hopefully worth the read.

I've been gaming for a long time, since the early 80's so here's a history lesson.
Gaming peeked during the mid 80's because of a influx of company's seeing the massive
profit that could be made by producing non-quality based games for simple ascetics.
Games were being produced by company's, like believe it or not "Kelloggs" and company's that
had no place what so ever in the gaming world.
Not only were games being produced with absolute poor quality, be just about every one was making a console.

Games were becoming cut and paste, not only from previous titles but making direct copies from
other games with a simple character change.

After some time people got fed up and the gaming industry and it crashed. Many company's went bankrupt.
Some survived and forged into the future the gaming industry of today " Think activison and Nintendo".
Customers made this happen by using their wallets to cast votes, and these votes said they weren't happy.

Flash forward to where we are now.
Gaming in the last few years has been following pretty much the same path.
If you don't see this then you probably are only playing one franchise or gaming with only one company.

We have a new addition to this mix that is aiding to the inherit downfall to the gaming industry that we are heading to.
This newer addition is the existence of the online portion of games.

Now I have had my spouts with ND developers and myself and others have got banned for arguing with them about it, but
this is because we aren't just doing this for ourselves but we also are seeing the bigger picture for what is at stake.

ND has a strong fan base that drives their games because of their top quality single player experience.
This is in addition to in my opinion accompanied by a quality online experience as well.
As you read further you'll see why I brought this up.

Many company's focus on multi alone, like COD, Battlefield, Kill zone, and a few others.
These company's rely on the multi alone keeping them afloat.
Sadly most of these company's are focusing on battling each other by focusing on quantity over quality.
They are trying to focus on making the game available to any one, regardless of the quality of their connection.
The games are once again becoming ascetically pleasing and increasingly unstable for any competitive play.
When I say competitive play, I mean playing each other not tournament play.
The way these company's see it, as long as they sell a game for 60$ to some one in a hut in the middle of nowhere
they have made their money and have to lower the standard in quality connected experience so these people can connect.

Sadly this isn't the only case.
It's not just the "hut" people.
Its you, your friends, your neighbors that also play.
Most are just plugging in with what ever just lets them connect.
This is not how it should be.
Players are spending more time optimizing their loadouts than fine tuning their connections for optimal game play.

ND's strong fanbase for the single player sells most of their games and with this unique situation they can
experiment with making their multi player a smoother, stricter running asset.
This is a good thing, and though I have had my battles with them, they are learning to produce quality over quantity.

From the multiplayer experience of U2 to U3 this did not look like the case.
U3 focused on just pummeling the customer with ascetics and gimmicks to sell the product.
You even saw this company putting way to much revenue into commercials and promo's than focusing on the product to sell itself alone.
I fully believed that the Last of us would follow suit with a cluster of gimmicks which took away from game play.

The recent changes in "white plug" is showing that they are trying to drive their product forward.
Whether or not you agree because your getting connection issues this will undoubtedly cause you to actually look into the root cause.
Latency issues are some thing if gaming will move forward needs to be addressed.
Most companies are just brushing it aside and focusing on just selling you polished turds.
I'm overall glad to see Naughty dog is not doing this, or at least tying to be better because if this whole crash happens again they will be a company that
We all want to have fun and a smooth experience online and some of you "white pluggers" don't see yourselves as being a negative impact on the gaming industry as a whole.
People that have strong connections will eventually get fed up.
They wont leave, they will just play co-op base or stick with strictly single player games.
If you don't take things into your own hands and figure out why you have issues eventually you will only be playing with
people that have connection issues as well.
Its the people that don't white plug that are keeping YOU a float online.
Games do not require 50mb stellar speed connections, the require stable ones.
You can play this game with less than 1mb up and down. It actually runs fine at these speeds.
Trust me I have adjusted my setting to see what it will actually allow as long as it stays stable.

The best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else is learn about more than just the game.
If your online portion can't take streaming, downloading of multi users, 3 people on netflx, its not ND's fault- its yours.

I shoot you first, I die= you lag. Vice versa not applicable.
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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014
So that modem that came in the Cracker Jack box isn't good for gaming?
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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014
Nope, who'd of thunk!

Actually its sad the ND has to put a icon on your screen to tell you to get your ****** together.
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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014
I would like it if laggers don't move forward...

Or backwards or sideways or aim a gun, but that's just me Smiley Wink


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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014

I actually played the Kellog's game, and it wasn't that bad Smiley Very Happy

If it is this one you mean:


I agree with the topic. I think it is only fair that laggers feel how annyoing it is to play against "superior" players for a change. And it will start them thinking and working on their connection. I don't believe anyone who just says that they can't do anything about it.
 Most did not even try before.


(Just a side note, but you use "ascetics" a lot, I think you mean "esthetics". Ascetics are something quite different Smiley Happy - no pun intended)


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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014

Nicely put smugglin I wholeheartedly agree.

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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014
Yes foo fighter, i can be at the hands of auto correct Smiley Happy.

You are hitting the nail on the head saying that before this patch most didnt even try to optimize their connections for gaming.

If we want better quality games that run smoother and have more effects, game modes, esthetics, we need to all be on a stable connection level first.
I shoot you first, I die= you lag. Vice versa not applicable.
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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014

And then you got poor slobs like me.

Where I live, I can have only one ISP (no way around this), which is overpriced as hell, but I went so far as to pay for their best connection of 120Mb/s in hopes of achieving the best online gaming experience. The said ISP even gives you their own modem, which you HAVE to use, because no other modem will work with their net. They'll even contact you and tell you that they detected a foreign device and will stop providing their services until you put back their piece of crap modem. The speed is there alright, but it's useless for games as I found out later, but at least my girlfriend can download while I play and I don't lag at all.


However the connection is severely unstable. I see my ping, or pings of others when I host to move and change colours every second. It almost never stops. I know nothing about net connection and have no idea how, of if it's even possible to make my connection more stable. I tried asking for a new modem and changed cables, but nothing helped.


So here I am, paying ton of money for getting called a lagger on regular basis and still feel bad about it when I read topics like this, even though I fully agree with them. Smiley Sad

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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014
Honestly sentiel, you probably have some thing going on on your end.
With those speeds your isp would have to have stability to run them.

There are tons of ways to smooth this out for you. Hey it be nice if say "tap wasnt banned" because I'm sure he'd give you a long post on how to fix it.
I would but for those who know my main acct know I'm flat out tired of posting over and over on how to do these things when other dont know how to use the search function.

Use google and read for a while. You'll get it.
I shoot you first, I die= you lag. Vice versa not applicable.
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Re: Moving forward

Feb 17, 2014

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