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Motion Blur

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Hey all, I tried searching for this but so far I am not finding anything.  Is there any way to disable the motion blur feature in The Last Of Us?  It seems new FPS games similar to this one automatically have it enabled (or it is not even an option) and with it like this playing the game makes me sick.  I barely got 30 minutes in the other night after just purchasing the game and I had to turn the game off.  If the feature is not there now, have there been any postings or plans that suggest it will become an option in the future?


Searching the web for motion blur brings up several different games that have this default feature and other people have had the same problems as I do.  I get nautious quickly which sucks because I really want to play this game.


Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Motion Blur

Nov 6, 2013


mbnocx wrote:

Is there any way to disable the motion blur feature in The Last Of Us? [...] with it like this playing the game makes me sick.



Sorry to hear this. Currently, there isn't any way to disable motion blur (and I don't know if that is a feasible addition at this point).


Is it the motion blur specifically that causes this? Or is it the motion of the game overall? (Have you played other games where disabling just the motion blur effect allowed you to play more comfortably?) 


In the meantime, I would suggest trying two things (which you might have already thought of, but just in case):

  1. Set the Aiming Sensitivity lower in the game options. This should reduce the blur to some extent while aiming at least.
  2. Adjust the options on your TV display (it's possible there might be a different mode or setting that can be changed which would make playing easier for you.

While reading about this, I came across a relevant blog post (though I've not experienced this myself, so I don't know how useful any of these tips are):

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Re: Motion Blur

Nov 7, 2013

Thanks for the response.  The very first game I ever noticed this issue with was Dead Island for the PC.  They also did not offer an option to disable the feature but because this was a PC game, someone found a way to rewrite the config file for the game and stop it from happening.  As soon as motion blur was no longer occurring I could play the game again.  With that game I also could only last about 30 minutes and since I wasn't expecting what was happening, it got to the point where the room was spinning for me.  lol  Not a good feeling to go through just by playing a game.


A friend of mine had the same issue with that game and others.  Just recently I started playing Firefall on the PC.  It has motion blur but it is a checkbox that can be turned off.  To test things I left it on and again I had issues with the game.  Turning it off fixed that and I could play for hours.


I didn't even consider motion blur when I bought The Last Of Us and so I started playing and shortly after I started feeling the same way as I did when playing those other games.  I checked online and found several other people that had the same experience with Uncharted and TLOU.  I did try changing the options in the game to see if they would help but nothing seemed to work.  I have not done anything with my TV yet but seeing as this has happened with other games on the PC, I am not sure what options I could change there.


I do appreciate the suggestions you have made and I will check out that blog post as well.  I want so much to play TLOU but so far I have been unable to.

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