Jul 10 2013
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Looking for last of us players

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My friend and I have started a Last Of Us clan  composed of several skilled players. We are always looking for new people to play with, and accept anyone regardless of whether or not they have a mic. What we hope to give you is an array of players so that no matter when you log on, you will always have at least one squadmate to back you up.

    Our clan is dedicated to focusing on squad based gameplay, creating and maintaining a large multiplayer community of like minded individuals, and above all else, furthering each other's progress in the game. We understand the difficulties that can arise with the challenge missions, especially if you are playing with people you don't know, and are more than willing to help you finish whatever your challenge might be to ensure that you make it past week twelve and continue leveling up. 

    Eventually we hope to introduce tournaments, with real life rewards for the winners. Tournaments will be held in private matches, and as such will not reflect negatively on your clan or leaderboard scores.

   Applying to join the clan is as simple as either posting your psn id or friending me. Once that step has been taken, we will contact you ASAP. The only thing we will not accept to the ranks is someone who is not a team player; i.e.Someone who runs off on their own and gets killed from lack of support, or someone who cares only about their kd, etc. 

    Lastly, after joining the clan, we ask that you change your emblem to match the clan's emblem, which is shown above. We ran into trouble with the logo being shown on the torso from some of our hunter players, so we decided it best to locate it on the backpack. The logo is two layers of the squared oriental border, one white, one yellow, and in the center, the king's crown. 

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me or just post on this thread. Thankyou!

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Re: Looking for last of us players

Jul 10, 2013

Feel free to add me, xHeavYx

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