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Re: Live update to Matchmaking Round 2

Sep 28, 2013
Omfg! I just played a match at University and Dam with the biggest laggers in the world! At the Dam when me and my teammates were downed it took a while for it to register who killed us, and when it did all of the bullets/ arrows range of at once before we spawned, later I downed 2 of em, and as I downed their last man, I heard multiple arrow fire only for the screen to pan over to a corpse, the same one I got before their last man, as the screen said you win!

Than at university some guy ran up and executed me with a barrage of shots and punches, it looked like he was blind firing! Than another guy starts shooting his revolver at me like it was a Assault Rifle (I think he was using one but the lag was so bad it didn't register he switched guns) surprisingly we still managed to win!
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