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Re: n gmRe: Late Joins

Jul 27, 2013

gawdzirraw wrote:

they need to make it appealing to stay in a losing game. that means enough parts to keep your clan thriving and a full set over everything crafting wise (everyone else playing will have one at this point) and enough points to get the upgrades everyone else has. 


most of the time they spawn you right into enemy territory. you go for hte nearest spawn like you would at the beginning of the game and get decimated, with no chance of catching up or getting the points other people have. 


it's an auto quit. I won't stay. 


if they started you out up to speed and with a spawn that was decent and so it didn't decimate your clan it would be a different story. wins and losses don't count. clan does. 


Yes, very true. I don't care about winning or losing, but I do care if my clan is gonna get wiped out and that means all my previous efforts are gonna be wasted. ND should patch this "Late Join" problem because it's seriously a problem for those on mission, can't get enough kills, game finishes too fast, not enough supplies...


And like someone mentioned, the game spawned someone who joined mid game into enemy's terrority and you got instant killed because you went for the nearest toolbox. Why can't they spawn us with our teammates like Strategist 3 for late joiner ???

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Re: n gmRe: Late Joins

Jul 27, 2013
ND should just make it so late joiners aren't really penalized as much, if at all for joining late into a match. If I join a match late and I need 90 supplies and/or am on a mission, then some lenience should probably be shown. Instead of 90, for joining late, I only need 60-75 and the mission doesn't progress a day or something like that.

Or maybe avoid the bonus to your parts accumulated during that match and just have the system secure your survivors. If you join late, the worst that can happen to you regardless is like 5 hungry/sick survivors or if the game has been keeping track of your surplus of supplies from other games, it gives you a notice that some of your survivors found a stash from earlier weeks (or someone found a cache while out searching).

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