Jun 30 2014
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Landscape not rendering, chracters floating mid air

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I have the game since last 2 months and I play it after work!

I ahve already played it twice till the same point in the game, Tommy's ranch. At this point, the landscape loses its features, everything is white and the 2 horse riders are floating mid air.

If I (Joel) get off the horse, I fall into a bottom less pit and die.

PS3 slim - purchased in 2010 I think.


Solutions I tried:

1. Rebuild the database in safe mode.

2. Restore File System - gazzillion times.

3. Eventually I formatted my PS3 and replayed the game - Done twice already.

4. Reupdated with 1.07

5. Almost threw the game disc out of the window.... f***ing frustrated.


Does anyone have a solution?

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