Sep 15 2013
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Item drop-boxes disappear in multiplayer

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So, when I was finally abe to log into multiplayer (after about 10 failed attempts and reboots), I get a new task to complete - and I choose "bomb downs."


Then, when the game launches, there are no drop-boxes of supplies. They don't appear on the mini-map, and the boxes themselves don't appear in the game. Making it impossible to complete my task, because I need those drop-boxes to craft bombs. Other players can see and use those boxes, but not me.


I guess it is rather pointless posting this here, but I thought I should just for the record. If Naughty Dog is not going to respond to the other more serious issues around multiplayer, why would they respond to this?


It seems to me that multiplayer is fundamentally broken, and is probably a server-side issue. I never had any problem completing the single-player game, but multiplayer is almost impossible to use.

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Re: Item drop-boxes disappear in multilayer

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Sep 15, 2013

I have had the same issue several times. Or on the other hand I get very little to nothing from the boxes and not every game its random. And in some cases I can not do a mission because of  not getting enuff stuff from the boxes. Or in one case I could not get the stuff to to do a full mission in 3 games. Between all the issues with this game I have I decided to not play it till its fixed or the next patch is out or DLC.  The game is broken for some of us and no one is doing any thing to fix it. Which in turn makes me think twice about every buying there products again. Plus to have a company with some very popular game titles and have no game support is a travesty in its self.

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