Nov 06 2013
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It Was All Just Lying There, not registering

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Hi there,


Just played through my 2nd run with New Game+ and decided to thorougly follow a guide to get all the collectibles. However when I finished the game I am still missing a few, five to be exact. I compared my Collectibles list with an online list from a guide that had them all. I could find two that I did'nt have in my list, the sad part is that I know that I picked those up both times.


So I was wondering, is there a sollution for me?


The other three artifacts I am unsure of, and since I have gotten the other trophies for collecting it must be artifacts missing right?


EDIT: Got the trophy now, but there is still something I don't understand. All chapters show that I've taken all collectibles in each chapter. And still the collectibles list in the menu says that I am missing four? Is this bugged? Whilst I am happy to have attained the trophy it still bothers me that it does'nt look "perfect", yeah slight OCD-tendencies I know.

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Re: It Was All Just Lying There, not registering

Nov 16, 2013

I've got the same issue my chapters says I've got everything 141 collectibles but my stats says I'm missing 4 collectibles which is impossible since theres only 141 in the game not 145. Someone did tell me that when the multiplayer gap maps came out that there were four collectibles to be found, and suggested that could be the problem. If it is then thats just dumb on ND part multiplayer shouldn't have ANYTHING to do with single player. SO howed you get hte throphy maybe it will work for me ?

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