Aug 20 2013
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Is there anyone else having the same issue at hotel lobby?

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Hi, I would like you to help me with the following issue:

When I'm about to get out of th hotel it seems that is going to show a cutscene from the game but all I get is a black screen and when I pause the game it gives me the option to skip the cutscene but if I do so it gets stuck and I have to force shutdown the ps3 .

I have an ultra slim ps3, 500 gb. It's the US version and I downloaded the game from the US PS Store.

I tried to delete the game data and I also started a new one and when I got there it was the same also tried to force shutdown the ps3 an try again but it's still doesn't work also when I get on th balcony of the hotel just before the cut scene if I look back I can see what' s inside of the room even though there's a wall behind me. The only thing I can still play is the multiplayer also with a few glitches, it works perfectly and that's my only concern and there you have some pics about the issue.









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