Aug 22 2013
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Interesting glitch/bug in The Dam (online)

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Hello, Naughty Dog. I have discovered a way to manipulate the 3rd person camera in a specific location in 'The Dam' online gameplay. I don't want to elaborate much further as this bug allows you to see all players locations very clearly inluding the enemy players. Just want to bring this to your attention as it may cause issues online for players expecting fair gameplay. Message me and I will provide exact details.



Adam MacAskill. 



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Re: Interesting glitch/bug in The Dam (online)

Aug 22, 2013

Here is the details on the glitch.


In The Dam (online), the starting spawn point that the path leads down to the waterfall/river area. Go down the path to the right and you will come to a little area with am item stash. There is a broken tree that is a greyish color, walk onto to tree and then you will be able to shimmy your way up the wall and see over the dam to the other side and snipe people. You need to continue to position yourself up higher, (you will be at about waist level with the top of the wall). Aim your weapon toward the direction you came down (the path toward your spawn point) and the position the game camera behind you, once the camera pans out far enough the entire screen will turn white and you will be able to see enemies perfectly. I will attach an image if anyone has problems trying this.

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