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Re: I think the flame thrower might be a tad too OP.

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Dec 30, 2013

no, i dont. i believe youve had the chance to see for yourself as we've met online.

i consider it imbalanced atm and would like it changed so that the costs reflect its power.
whats so hard to understand?
its a simple solution. but hey, better to buff things than nerf em, eh? ppl take buffs better than they do nerfs.

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Re: I think the flame thrower might be a tad too OP.

Dec 30, 2013
I get way more hate mail from using a shotgun than a Flame thrower, I remember this one match at Bill's town, I ran a revolver, Collector 2, crafter 3 and shotgun. I went 14 and something, don't remember winning or losing, but I do know I got a lot of hate mail and trash talk from the other team, partied up with mics.

I can name all the games I had at Lakeside where I got headshot after head shot with my military rifle, blocked someones 1 hit melee with my assualt rifle and pistol, and not to mention dominated enough with my brawler, machete, and shotgun BR loadouts to the point the other team tries to duplicate my loadouts.
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Re: I think the flame thrower might be a tad too OP.

Dec 30, 2013

I run outside of the flamethrowers flames quite often, people are making it out to be like instant .5 second kill right when you press R1, when it really isn't. The closest thing to making it seem OP is probably blasting away at clustered enemies killing a potential 2-4 guys at once with little ammo, but if you try going offensive with it, on a enemy who knows you have it, you will waste tons of ammo trying to track him with it and will either waste tons of fuel to get that 1 kill or miss and get shot down by the guy you're tailing.


the decent distance it reaches, which I still refer to as close-range, takes a while for it to get there and the only way to reach it is to constantly shoot and if the person gets out of that cone, the effectiveness drops considerably as you have to waste constant fuel tracking, are moving much slower, and your killing potential is confined to the spot with fire with you unable to do much except stop firing and try readjusting your aim in the heat of battle or hope you burn something.


devastating, but extremely limited in what it can accomplish, what I consider balanced.

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