Jan 04 2015
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How to fix the error code NW-31456-9 when trying to download The Last of Us

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Hey guys, looking for some help, as titled,


I bought the PS4 bundle which came with a TLoU download code, I started the system up on the 25th Dec, obviously there were issues, I found out about the DDoS attack so figured that was why I couldn't download the game.


But I have been trying to download it for the last week and its useless, I've had no luck getting it at all.


Every time I go to the library and click download it gets added to my downloads in notifications, the a few minutes later it says error: cannot download.


I have set up my system so its on Nat type 1 with no firewalls etc, so I cannot understand what the issue is.


Can anyone advise me on what to do?


Thanks in advanced!


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